Casper Solar Energy
The power of Sun at your place!
    Casper Power Controls Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leaders in supplying & servicing firm in Andhra pradesh Area.  We have more than 18years of experience in this industry in marketing the high quality power backup products for both domestic and commercial usage as per the customer requirements. Our products are known for Easy Maintenance, Quick Installation, Highly Durable and Reliable with better customer service. We deal with best quality solar photovoltaic modules which has been recommended by Government of India of the modules having MNRE, ETDC, CPRI Certification. Our product range includes Solar UPS, Solar Panel, Battery, Home & Office UPS, Servo/ Auto Stabilizer, LED lights and Automatic Water Pump Controller. These wide gamut of products are provided with enriched facilities and characterization which serves its purpose perfectly.

About Casper Solar UPS (Off-Grid):
  • System Consists of:
  • Solar Photovoltaic Module(s)
  • SPV Module Mounting Hardware
  • Tubular Batteries
  • Solar UPS with sufficient charger

Casper (Off-Grid)
How it works:
Solar PV Module converts Sun light into DC Power and stores this DC Power in the Battery bank, with the help of Casper Solar UPS. When load is present, UPS will directly feed the loads from Solar Energy as well as charge the battery.
What is 30% solar: Here Casper Solar UPS having little solar module support only. So the prime work is to charge the battery alone. After charging the battery only, it will feed the solar energy to loads ( Nominal Load)
What is 60% solar: Here we are giving the clear calculated solar PV Modules (more numbers) to our Casper Solar UPS. So we can use the load and as well as charge the battery. We can use the load up to 8 9p.m. in the evening from the morning 10.a.m.
Final 90% solar: Here we are using maximum number of calculated Solar PV Modules for the almost full rated capacity of the Hybrid Casper Solar UPS. So we can store the maximum of solar energy in the battery bank. With the help of BATTERY BANK we can use our loads for entire 24 Hrs. without the support of Electricity Power. Casper Solar UPS will give you the best solutions by way of Customer friendly, tailor made options, low maintenance, and finally problem free equipment for your power problems.
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