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Honey series  is a Off-Grid Ups System.The Honey series inverter with an Integrated High efficiency charge controller,Advanced Protection features provides reliable and efficient solutions for yourapplications. It is user friendly , easy to install and operate and has very low maintenance.Features:Auto change over to solar and E.B.Reliable Charge ControllerWith Long Lasting Back-up ProvisionOverload tripLcd displaySuitable for Domestic and small commercial places
AKASH VERSIONIt is a Off-Grid ups System.It is a High End Ups System with an Integrated Highefficiency charger along with more (back –up)charging and discharging facilities.Medical ApplicationsOffice Automation, Computer IndustryTelecommunication, Industrial ApplicationsRenewable Energies.This can be used for any size of installation.It is particularly suitable for users who are looking fora solar inverter for medium-sized to large solar installations.
ON-GRID SOLAR SERIES The latest high frequency technology used in the  solar inverters  to operate atmaximum efficiency and guarantee continuous, outstanding energy outputs.With their IP65 casing, these high-efficiency, grid-connected inverters can beused both inside and in protected outside areas. FeaturesTransformer with peak efficiency (95.6 %)Isolation of primary and secondary circuitWide operating temperature ranges: -25 °C to +60 °CRS485 (EIA485) communication interfacesIntelligent MPP trackingSuitable for indoor and outdoor applications (IP65)Simple and direct on-screen data displayApplicationsMedical Applications Office AutomationComputer IndustryTelecommunicationIndustrial ApplicationsRenewable Energies.
Indian/Imported wide range of prime quality solar photo voltaic Modules, Ranging from 3 Watt Peak to 300 Watt. Use primequality Solar Cells, IEC Certified PV back Sheet & Textured fastcured EVA with high thickness. Textured Toughened glass,rigid anodized Aluminum frame, high quality junction Box.  PID Free. Yield maximum energy throughout with durable quality."

Long Life and More Energy Cost Effective, Trendy, Fast Charging Slow Discharging2V/6V/12V and upto 5 Years Warranty.
The power of Sun at your place!